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Improve Sales With Phone Verify/Call Tracking

Obtain Critical Caller Information in Seconds

Every time a customer or prospect calls your company, it represents a terrific opportunity to capture their valuable contact and demographic information to enhance your landline and mobile phone marketing. This important data gives you a better profile of the caller to use for the initial sale, as well as up-sell and cross-sell possibilities. This information can also be used to create a unique customer service experience that the caller will remember when it is time to make a purchase.

But, if your organization isn’t using real-time, point-of-entry phone verification technology, you are losing the chance to instantly obtain the information that could increase your sales with this caller later on. And with how competitive the markets are today, you may never get the chance to have contact with this person again because you won’t have their information to make follow up calls or be able to add them to your landline or mobile phone marketing campaigns.

That’s especially true when you consider 40% of all incoming calls to businesses each day come through cell phone numbers, which rarely appear in regular databases.  In other words, you have a new cell phone marketing list of targeted prospects being created for you every day with each incoming phone call, and you are missing out on it!

The Data Group’s real-time call tracking system immediately identifies landline, cell phone, and even VOIP in-bound calls.  No matter how someone calls your company, our system automatically tracks their contact details within seconds. This gives you better data, and a real sales edge for your landline and mobile phone marketing campaigns. Best of all, because it is automated your employees can then focus on gaining the sale or solving the needs of callers.

Our phone verification service is ideal for large enterprise corporations, but it can easily be used in any business size or system.

Benefits of Using Real-Time Call Tracking
Countless organizations that have already started using our real-time, point-of-entry phone verification technology now enjoy:

  • Better quality leads
  • Improved conversion rates
  • Greater telemarketing efficiency
  • Reduced fraudulent or bogus information
  • More targeted, more effective landline and cell phone marketing
  • Priority lead routing
  • Higher levels of customer service

Begin Today With Your Free Test
Stop missing hundreds or thousands of opportunities each day to gather crucial data about your customers or prospects. This information can sharpen your landline and mobile phone marketing database, help you better connect with callers, and increase your sales. So why are you letting it slip through your phone lines?

Contact The Data Group at (800) 262-5609 today for a free, no-obligation test of up to 50,000 records – and watch your landline and cell phone marketing results improve with an enterprise-level call tracking solution.