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    The Data Group's CASS- and PAVE- certified program assures that your mailing lists are as accurate as possible, and will qualify for the maximum USPS mailing discounts. Unlike similar products on the market, our program features the additional benefits.

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  • Data Enhancement

    Is your business wisely leveraging the advantages of all the precision marketing techniques? If not, your company could be wasting its marketing dollars - and falling behind your competition in the quest to attract and keep customers.

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  • Email Appends

    It's no secret that businesses today are increasingly relying on e-mail marketing, largely due to its cost efficiency, immediacy and powerful impact. But, what if you have only the mailing addresses and phone numbers of your customers?

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  • Mailing

    It's never been more important to get the most out of every dollar you spend on marketing. That's why it's a must to send your direct mail to those who are most likely to respond to it. Locate customers who will be receptive to your products or services.

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  • Lead Verification

    Our Lead Testing services can help you in stopping the bad data problems by cross checking over multiple quality checks against your leads. You can use a simple web based application to upload and process your leads, and we will get it verified.

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Better Data
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The Data Group is an innovative data services provider that allows clients to achieve better direct marketing results at reduced costs. By employing state-of-the-art technology that is both powerful and simple to use, our customers can quickly and easily streamline and improve Read More...